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Hostel for you !

Cozy and comfortable hostel in the heart of the capital city of Kiev .Hostel Kiev Center is a 5 -minute walk from Khreschatyk Metro .

The closest landmark CPDA , opposite staircase and archway . Rises 200 meters you up and you are in our Hostel !

What do we offer ?

The hostel has 20 beds , which are located in 3 separate rooms !2 rooms for Men 8 beds + 8 beds .1 room for women at the 4 -bed .The hostel is in the center of Kiev on the street Lutheran 6b .Dear visitors ' Hostel Kiev Center " !

Of course, you are looking for timber Most inexpensive and convenient option for settlements in the Hostel !

The cost of living in our hostel is small, considering that you'll actually live in the heart of Kiev!If one night stay ( price for 1 bed place) cost 80 hryvnia , the week of accommodation costs already 400 hryvnia (that is already 57 hryvnia per day or cost reduction by 30%! ), And if you are occupied by 1 calendar month ( + -1 day), the month stay in our hostel will cost you is 1.300 g (and it turns out 43 grams per day, and decrease the cost of living by about 47% !)As you can see - the longer length of stay - the cheaper the cost of their booking with us !

Great accommodation + proximity of airports "Boryspil", " Juliani ," as well as the Central railway- station !% And no commission ! NO AGENCY !

Reducing the cost of living depends on the number of days during which you will be living (see section price calculator ) .

Pay only for the hostel ! For protection of your valuables , documents and the like in the presence of our Hostel necessarily protected Safes !Quiet, guarded around the clock yard.

Royal warm brick house . Good respectable neighbors will not interfere with your rest.

The hostel has a TV, free internet access, microwave, refrigerator , hair dryer, washing machine, gas appliances cooker.All modern sample .

There are large closets and all necessary and comfortable upholstered furniture - chairs, sofas.

Free linen , tableware ( detergent free).

There is also a comfortable upholstered furniture , chairs, sofas , as well as sleeping -bed .We can accept and accommodate a family , a group of students or staff seconded to the capital, can be accommodated separately for women and men .

The hostel has a so-called face- сontrol.My keep order and want you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

See our photo gallery , schedule ( and your reception from 9-00 to 21-00 every day and seven days a week ) , information page.Hostel in the center of Kiev is practical.

Next at least 5 stations metro.

VERY many shops, bars and restaurants.

Tourist center of the city is very convenient, as you will be able to see all the major sights and then relax without leaving the historical center of Kiev , in our Hostel .

Khreschatyk Street is just 200 meters away.

Do not doubt your choice !

02 апреля 2014
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